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Our Story

Temp Collective is formed by a variety of creatives from different walks of life. The brand’s aesthetic is diverse and focuses on collaborations to produce a fresh take on gender neutral apparel.

The collective is united by a shared creative philosophy, and blends heritages via standout graphics and detailed embroidery.



We pride ourselves on being aware of the problems in our industry. We understand that full sustainability within clothing companies is near impossible. We are trying our best to be responsible and reduce our impact using recycled and organic materials within our production and less wasteful packaging.

‘Temp Jersey Range’ uses 100% Organic cotton.

‘Temp Woven Range’ uses recycled materials.

‘Temp Nature’ range uses natural dyes extracted from plants and flowers.

‘Temp Upcycle’ range recycles vintage garments and transforms them into brand new pieces.

Our swing tags are made from 100% linen, fully biodegradable. Each item is wrapped in recycled kraft tissue paper with eco friendly compostable logo stickers. Our paper mailing bags are made using kraft paper, resin based glues and soy vegetable based inks.


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